Why Event Planners Should Be Safe and Secure with an Event Insurance Policy

Event planner know the risks involved in event planning so having insurance, just makes logical sense.  A general liability insurance policy is made to provide protection against any sudden and unforeseen circumstances like a person tripping or falling. Whereas an event liability insurance policy is specifically designed to cover your special events. It offers protection to the organizers and invitees in the events like wedding ceremonies, sports activities, seminars, parties, etc. More or less; every event has many associated risk factors. As an organizer, it is of huge importance to get a good insurance policy. Any sudden mishap, like a natural disaster or poor weather conditions can make you to reschedule or cancel the event.

Alternatively, in case of fire accidents or similar other mishaps, you might face a considerable trouble. It could result in property damage and could bring a lot of injuries to the invitees and attendants. Theft could be another risk factor. It can lead you to make sudden decisions like rescheduling or cancelling of the event. The issues of epidemic illnesses could also be a bump in the success of your event. For example, an abrupt epidemic of bird flu can spoil your event that was all about the food festival and if the main menu was chicken. These are some of the sudden mishaps that could not only spoil your event but also drag you to a big trouble, like a huge financial damage.

If you want to buy an insurance policy, you can mold it according to your needs and feasibility. There are many insurance policies that are kind of generalized and has a wider coverage. For example, you can get a property insurance coverage or a general liability insurance policy for a specific event. To remain in touch with an insurance expert is important in selecting the right insurance policy for your needs.

Surety Bonds Are There to Protect Your Money!

Surety bonds are something that you should be able to apply for at a traditional independent insurance broker. The insurance broker should be able to provide you plenty of options as far as bad credit surety bonds go. Surety bonds are something you can take out in regards to a contractual agreement you have with an independent contractor who is doing home repair for you. The surety bond protects your money by making sure the job is done correctly and the contractor cannot receive full payment until all obligations have been met. The stress that can come with big tickets like home repair truly can be overwhelming at times. The fact of the matter is that a surety bond can eliminate much of the stress for you by protecting the investment you have put into your home.

Unique Features of Surety Bonds That You Must Know!

The insurance that covers three partners at a tome is termed as Special Insurance. It covers the principal, the obligor and the surety. The business initiator and owner are considered as the obligor. The person who treats the business according to the requirements and works logically is the principal. The surety is an entity that gives assurance to the obligor that the principal would complete the task according to the required conditions within the specific time period.

The surety has a vital importance in such a kind of business agreements, and he serves as a link between the two deal makers. Regardless of the kind of business, the overall success of the deal depends mostly on the entity we call surety. The duty of him is to make both the partners comfortable and make everything alright to make sure that no flaws or faults come in between.

In cases of high-profile projects, the most important thing is to make sure that both the partners understand the contract fully and be clear about their responsibilities. The consequences of the failure must also be well explained to both the sides and financial as well as business loss threats must be clarified. To prevent any kind of losses and flaws in the business, surety bonds are used. They must be assessed very closely as in case of any losses, the adverse effects are likely to touch the other areas of the same class or may go up to local or even national economy entities.

Errors and Omissions Insurance Can Be Very Important To Your Business

Errors and Omissions insurance policies are kind of humorously named. At least, it is dark humor! It is one of those rarities in business in which there is absolutely no ambiguity as to the purpose or reasoning behind a particular name or category. This small business insurance policy is built for the express purpose of covering the hindward parts of your business should it commit some error that costs someone else.

The primary reason for errors and omissions insurance, also called Professional liability insurance, or E&O insurance for short, is to provide protection in the event of a loss caused by your company for which the damages are purely of a financial nature. For a plumber, for instance, this may involve a van being driven by an employee hitting a parked car. The owner of that car is unable to attend work for several days, and sues for the monetary value of those days plus the repair of the vehicle. This falls outside the purview of many General Liability insurance policies, which provide coverage more in the line of damage to life and property.

Make Sure Your Magician’s Show Is Kid Appropriate

A magician’s show is the absolute best form of entertainment for children when the tricks performed are age appropriate. Many times a magician’s show will be watered down from the adult version to a child’s level without success. The austin magician needs to focus on capturing an audience filled with starry eyed kids. Children are the toughest critics and will let the entertainer know by their reactions if the show is successful or not.

An interactive magic show will keep kids engaged and entertained. Children should be a part of the magic show and not just bystanders which can lead to restlessness. The magician’s show needs to be previously viewed by an adult for child appropriateness. The language of the magician as well as the tricks, need to fill the audience with wonder. A magician needs to work quickly with colorful props that are eye appealing. Shiny boots, funny hair, and mismatched clothing will immediately grab the attention of the young audience. A magician’s cane, top hat, and gloves are also some of the mysterious elements that kids enjoy.

Is It Compulsory to Get a Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond?

Of course, it is very compulsory for any vehicle dealer to get a motor vehicle dealer bond. Anyone who wants to go into selling motor vehicles is usually required by the state in which they will operate, to obtain a license before they could offer vehicles for sale to the public. This helps in ensuring that the state has a hold on the person and his activities. It also helps them to run a full criminal background check on anyone. A license is only issued to people with a clean slate when it comes to criminality. In the process of trying to get these bonds, car dealer will be asked to post a surety bond which is known as a motor vehicle dealer bond.

These bonds are important because it protects the public or prospective car buyers from any inappropriate or illegal actions on the part of the automotive dealer. Furthermore, the price of a motor vehicle dealer bond varies from state to state. The amounts though, generally start from $10,000. In some states, the amount required to get a motor vehicle dealer bond is high. For example, in Florida, every car dealer is expected to possess a dealer bond that is worth $25,000.

The price a car dealer would get revolves on a number of factors. Surety bond providers also calculate their premiums by using a point-grade system to rate the risk of the dealer. Some of the factors include, number of credit inquiries, revolving debt and utilization percentage revolving debt. These will be keyed into a database to come up with a premium that will be charged the dealer.

Why is a BMC-84 Surety Bond better than the BMC-85?

The major reason why the both of them are different is that the BMC-84 is a surety bond while the BMC-85 is a trust fund. Even though the FMCSA authorizes the submission of the BMC-85 in place of the BMC-84, it is recommended that brokers only go for the BMC-85 when they are unable to qualify for the surety bond.

With the BMC-84 surety bond, you are required to come up with an annual premium for the bond and also; you could require a collateral if you can’t reach the proper markets. Any transportation company that can obtain the BMC-84 bond should do. The reason for this is that it will free up a significant amount of capital for the company to run their business with. Furthermore, it will ensure that the surety company will take care of any claims that could arise.

With the BMC-85 option however, the transportation brokers must post the full amount required for this directly to the government in the form of a trust fund, this tie up a sizeable amount of capital that would have otherwise been used to run the company. The way this works is that the money paid by the company is held by the government, and it is then duly released when there is a claim. When the claim arises, there is the likelihood that the government will not vigorously pursue verification of claims as much as a surety company would have done. One positive with this is that anyone can get it regardless of the status of their credit rating.

Having looked at this, you’d now understand why it is better to go with the BMC-84 surety bond.

Fundamentals of Magic Shows for Kids

I am sure you would agree that magic shows for children should be focused on tricks involving ropes, rings, silk, and disappearing objects. Anything negative, upsetting, or that could potentially put the child at risk should be withheld for a more appropriate age group. Because of a child’s attention span, it is recommended not to do a magic show for more than an hour. In these shows children should be encouraged to get involved; the more hands on you are the more memorable the event will be. Also, be sure to keep the show simple and organized. If it gets to complex, you may loose the attention of your audience, and if you have to take a break because your disorganized you are also more likely to loose the attention of your audience. Confidence and practice is also a must will small children when performing your tricks; they will be the first to point out that you did something wrong or try to explain how you did your trick. You are the magician, they are the observers.

Why in the World Should I Get a Surety Bond?

This is how most business owners think of surety bonds. They feel that they are not really all that necessary, and that they have done just fine without them up to this point, so why all of the sudden do they need one? This is really the way business owners look at most expenses that they cannot clearly see a need for. A surety bond however, should not fall into any single one of those categories. Surety bonds are required by many entities, including some large companies and most governments. The reasoning is simple. If you do what you say you are going to do, then you will not have a problem. If you don’t then some one needs to pay up, and that someone should be the contractor, you.

Surety bonds, even when they are not required, are great things to have because they make clients feel a lot safer when dealing with you. All things being equal, you are going to get more jobs that you bid on than your competition, again because of the guarantor safety factor. Buyers fear pulling the trigger on purchases, and big purchases even more. That is why you want to remove any particle of doubt that you can ahead of time. This is easily done with surety bonds.

There are companies now that are making the whole process much easier, and have actually put it all online. Just a few clicks and you’re done.

Are Manufacturers The Only Ones Who Face Product Liability?

Many retailers, warehouses, distributors, and middle-men incorrectly assume that they would not be held responsible for injury or damage related to a defective product. Does the business need a products liability insurance policy? There is some logic to this thinking… after all, they didn’t create the product, so why should they be held responsible for the defects?

In reality, though, the liability for defective products and the damage they cause can be legally carried through the entire path of distribution of a product.

Obviously, this starts with the manufacturer of a product. Manufacturers have a responsibility to create products that are reasonably fit and safe for their intended use, and to warn against improper uses that might be reasonably expected.

Distributors are especially vulnerable when the manufacturer is foreign and not subject to laws of the United States. Distributors are the next responsible party to ensure that the products they distribute are safe; and courts will typically view an injured party as less able to protect themselves than a distributor.

Other companies or parties in the chain of distribution might be reconditioners, lessors of products, middle-men, and retailers. A business should always consider getting liability insurance to be convered if something happens.