Why it is Necessary for a Computer Programmer to Have Professional Liability Insurance

Many computer programmers deal with a bit of risk and liability based on the fact that they can make an error or ommissions and cause issues for their client.  All information technology professionals who work on a freelance basis or within an employee capacity nowadays should carry E&O coverage. One requirement many clients prefer is that the individual who is going to be working on their system carry some form of professional liability technology business insurance for IT tech professionals. Why is this important? Simple: If you carry general liability insurance you are covered in case you damage your client’s or employer’s equipment in some manner while working on it.

Further, general liability insurance can cover the IT professional should he or she make any programming mistakes. This form of general liability coverage is referred to as errors and omission insurance and is needed in order to assure the company’s financial loss as a result of the mistake will not place the IT professional at risk. In other words, the insurance company provides the IT professional protection with respect to any mistakes made on his or her part that end up costing the client or employer company considerable time and money.

Regardless, since most clients require general liability insurance, the two facts within the preceding content make it worth the investiment to the IT professional.