Why IT Professionals Should Know How Liability Insurance Protects Them

An information technology professional who has been hired to setup an e-mail server for an energy consulting should carry some sort of professional liability technology insurance coverage. There can be a lot of things which could go wrong with e-mail servers when they are first activated or put into place. The IT professionals to stay on top of this situation or otherwise you will get blamed for the issues whether it is likely your fault for the mishaps or not.

The energy consulting firm may even get so upset about the errors and omissions that they bring litigation against the IT professional. In a state such as North Carolina where there hasn’t been strong tort reform for example, these lawsuits can be extremely costly. This is why an IT professional would be so smart to carry business liability insurance in North Carolina or any state for that matter.

Some states such as Mississippi have enacted strong tort reform measures, but these would just limit punitive damage awards and not actually prevent you from getting sued. So even in states where tort reform has been enacted an information technology professional should still carry technology liability insurance. It is a hope of mine that they will be able to find this insurance at an affordable rate.