Why Smart Tech Professionals Carry Professional Liability Insurance

Lets face it, today just about anything we do in the professional field carries risk.  Professional positions such as computer programmers, web developers and designers all carry risks.  The smallest accident that causes an error can become a massive liability. It’s not enough to have a general liability policy though, what you need to understand is that there are many risks that must be covered in a different type of policy.

For IT techs and other technology professionals it is recommended that you get what is called E&O Professional Liability Indemnity Insurance to be protected from negligence or a claim from a client or even your employer. People are now hiring people who are experienced in information technology to babysit and update their Facebook/MySpace pages. People can often get extremely upset if something goes wrong with one of these pages for them. It does not even matter at times whether the IT professional.

People can get so offended if something happens to their MySpace or Facebook page that they can threaten litigation. This litigation is why many IT professionals need to carry business liability technology insurance. MySpace is a multi-million dollar company and some people take it very seriously on the basis of simple networking alone. The destruction or even partial loss of time on their MySpace page can cost people money.